Ningbo Zhenhai Geartorque Machinery Co.,Ltd

About Us

As an experienced manufacturer and exporter, GEARTORQUE is focusing on each customer individually, supplying high-precision metal spare parts and components from prototype through production runs. During more than 10 years’ development, we run nearly 1000 types of spare parts, and have exported to more than 30 countries, like USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Italy, Russia, Turkey and so on.

  A good company is more than just the sum of its products. GEARTORQUE is proud of the whole process customized and service we've contributed to all our customers all over the world, but we reserve the full force of our pride for the employees and suppliers, who have made all these possible.

  Quality is the life, the most important thing to GEARTORQUE. We look forward to be your best partner during your development.